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Byron Jones     (Schedule)




Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Oklahoma State University, 1975

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Oklahoma State University, 1973

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Kansas State University, 1971


Academic experience:

1978-present: Kansas State University (full time)

1997-Present: Associate Dean for Research, College of Engineering

1993- 1997: Head, Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering (Department of Mechanical Engineering prior to 1996)

1986-1993: Director, Institute for Environmental Research

1989-Present: Professor of Mechanical Engineering

1982-1989: Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

1978-1982: Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

1976: National Science Foundation Energy Related Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, Postdoctoral Fellow, Conducted at Oklahoma State University and the Montana Energy and MHD Research and Development Institute (full time)

1975: Oklahoma State University, Instructor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (part time)


Non-academic experience:

1977-1978: Montana Energy and MHD Research and Development Institute, Sr. Systems Analyst, developed energy systems models for Montana and conducted measurements of exhaust contaminants on experimental MHD installations to validate models (full time)

1974 (summer): Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company, Summer Fellow, developed energy systems models for Oklahoma (full time)

1973 (summer): Public Service Company of Oklahoma, Summer Fellow, developed energy systems models for Oklahoma (full time)


Certifications or professional registrations:

Professional Engineer, Montana

Commercial Pilot, Single Engine Land, Instrument


Current membership in professional organizations:

Fellow, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers

Member, American Society of Engineering Education

Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Member, Engineers without Borders

Member, Experimental Aircraft Association


Honors and awards:

Standards Achievement Award, ASHRAE

Fellow, ASHRAE

Ralph G. Nevins Award, ASHRAE

Distinguished Lecturer, ASHRAE

Distinguished Lecturer, ASME

Research Excellence Award, KSU

Graduate Excellence Award, OSU

Wonder of Engineering Award, Oklahoma Society of Professional Engineers


Service activities:

FAA: Technical Director, Center of Excellence for Airliner Cabin Environment Research

ASHRAE:  Technical Activities Committee (past head of Section 4), Handbook Committee, Research Advisory Panel, Environmental Health Committee, Standards Committee*, TC 9.3 Transportation Air-Conditioning (past chair)*, TC 6.5 Radiant Space Heating and Cooling, TC 2.1 Physiology and Human Environment (past chair)*; SSPC 161P Air Quality within Commercial Aircraft (past chair)*, SSPC 55 Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy, ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturers Program (* indicates current assignments)

ASEE: Engineering Research Council

National Academies: Committee on Air Quality in Passenger Cabins of Commercial Aircraft

Kansas State University: As an associate dean, serve on committees, task forces, work groups, etc., too numerous to list


Publications and presentations:

“Fine Particle Dispersion in a Commercial Aircraft Cabin,” J. Beneke, B. Jones, and M. Hosni, accepted for publication, HVAC&R Research

“Advanced Models for Predicting Contaminants and Infectious Disease Virus Transport in the Airliner Cabin Environment: Experimental Data,” B. Jones, Proceedings of the Transportation Research Board, Research on the Transmission of Disease in Airports and Aircraft, A Symposium, The National Academies, 2009 (invited)

“Summary of USA Activities on Cabin Air Quality,” B. Jones, Aviation Health Conference, International Air Transport Association, London, 2009 (invited)

“Experimental Analysis of Particulate Transport in a Ventilated Chamber,” A. Padilla, B. Beck, M. Hosni, B. Jones, 4th International Conference on Energy Research & Development, Kuwait City,  2008

“Comparison of Large Eddy Simulation Predictions with Particle Image Velocimetry Data for the Airflow in a Generic Cabin Model,” C. Lin, T. Wu, R. Horstman, P. Lebbin, M. Hosni, B. Jones, B. Beck, HVAC&R Research, Vol. 12, No, 3, Special Issue, 2006

Thermal and Moisture Transport in Fibrous Materials, edited by N. Pan and P. Gibson, CRC Press, Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2006:

“Convection and Ventilation in Fabric Layers,” Chapter 8, N. Ghaddar, K. Ghali, and B. Jones

“Moisture Conduction and Evaporation in Textile Materials,” Chapter 11, K. Ghali, N. Ghaddar, and B. Jones,

“Heat–Moisture Interactions and Phase Change in Fibrous Materials,” Chapter 12, B. Jones, K. Ghali, and N. Ghaddar


Recent professional development activities:

ASEE Engineering Research Council Workshop (annually)

ASHRAE Conference (semi-annually)

NSF TUES Proposal Writing Workshop

KSU College of Engineering Development Workshop

KSU Human Subjects Research Training

KSU Export Controls Training

KSU Bio-safety Training

KSU Responsible Conduct of Research Training

KSU Hazardous Materials Awareness and Safety Training