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Teaching Laboratories

Our teaching laboratories are a very hands-on way to instruct students in the whole spectrum of mechanical engineering. They enhance students understanding of presented classroom material throughout the curriculum.

AVS Laboratory

The Autonomous Vehicle Systems (or AVS) Lab at Kansas State University is a research laboratory that focuses on development and implementation of control systems on vehicles including a hobby-grade R/C truck and small, fixed-wing aircraft. The AVS lab receives funding through the National Science Foundation (NSF) as well as NASA.

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Composite Materials Laboratory

The Composites Lab is equipped to support teaching and research related efforts involved with the design, basic fabrication and analysis of composite materials.

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Internal Combustion Engines Laboratory

Research involving internal combustion engines, alternative fules, and emissions.

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Mechanical Testing and Evaluation Laboratory (MTEL)

The Mechanical Testing and Evaluation Laboratory (MTEL) was developed in 1996 with the mission of providing broad-based state-of-the-art experimental support in the area of deformation, stress, strain, and failure analysis of traditional and advanced engineering materials, components and structures.

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Refrigeration Laboratory

The focus of the refrigeration lab at Kansas State University is to aid the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry in the transition from CFC-11, CFC-12 and HCFC-22 to new, environmentally acceptable refrigerants.

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Multiphase Microfluidics Laboratory

The Multiphase Microfluidics Lab investigates multiphase heat and mass transport processes at the microscale. We are developing new technologies for energy, thermal management, water desalination, and biological systems.

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Instrumentation and Measurements Laboratory

The lab is used for teaching ME-535, Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I. The Course concentrates on computer based data acquisition, instrumentation, and transducers for mechanical measurements.

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